The Jersey War Tunnels tells the story of the Occupation of Jersey during WWII.

    The War Tunnels tell the story of the Island’s resistance during World War II and feature fascinating collections of wartime memorabilia.

    Built by slave labour during the occupation of Jersey, the 1km tunnel complex was hewn out of rock and clad with 6,000 tonnes of concrete. The tunnels were planned as a barracks and munitions store but used as a hospital and codenamed ‘Ho8’.

    Dug deep into the hillside by forced and slave workers from nations across Europe, the extraordinary tunnels run over 1km in length. They now contain an underground collection of thought provoking galleries that detail Jersey’s occupation history from resistance, through to starvation, and then eventual liberation.

    You’ll never believe this happened on British soil. See it, feel it, believe it, at Jersey War Tunnels.

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